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Custom Programming

Proxis offers custom programming services to create your customized software applications for barcode scanning based applications. We combine years of experience with the latest development platforms such at C#.Net, Installshield, and Crystal Reports.

We develop desktop and mobile device apps compatible with hardware from manufacturers like: Honeywell, Motorolla, Epson, POS-X, Opticon and Intermec.

We also offer rebranding of our own software.

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Previous Proxis Custom Programming Customers

Virtual Systems Virtual Systems Software and Hardware solutions streamline direct mail and order management systems. Proxis' Basic Invetory Software Solution allowed them maintain accurate inventory records with ease.


Campbell's Soup Proxis developed Training Attendance Software for Campbell's, allowing supervisors to easily monitor employees' progress through training programs and sessions


Discover Financial Services Discover Financial Services required a method of linking reusable assets to employees, resulting in Proxis developing a Libraray Software Solution utilizing ID-based check-in/check-out of inventory.


Walt Disney Walt Disney corporation's Basic Invetory Software Solution, created by Proxis, allows them to maintain accurate records on both sellable inventory as well as fixed assets.


Heinz Proxis created a wifi-based Product Tracking Software Solution for Heinz, keeping product tallies accurate on-the-fly.



Point Products, Inc Pointe Products distributes bolts, nuts, fasteners, & parts across the US. Proxis' Sales Route Accouting Software Solution & Production Parts Bin Manager Software Solution ensures orders are filled promptly, easily, and mobile sales reps have the parts they need.

Qwest Qwest telecommunications uses a Fixed Assets Data Collection Software Solution designed by Proxis to maintain information including location last time of maintenance on hardware throughout their network.


Salon Eva Salon Eva required software to process transactions away from the standard point of sale station, Proxis developed a Mobile POS Software Solution, enabling employees to both bust lines and perform transactions while outside the four walls.


Tessco For Tessco, a Consumable Replenishment Software Solution was developed to minimize lead time on low inventory and automate the reorder process, streamlining operations for remote sales crews.


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